The DJ Khaled School of Inner Game

As we embark on this epic quest into the world that is PUA, it’s important to start with the foundation. Inner game, as it is so commonly called, is what keeps the young PUAcolyte on a steady path toward true PUArtistry. Although I am only a neophyte myself, I offer you my plan for true inner game dominance so that we may all ride into that beautiful sunset of hella babes together.

DJ Khaled: Major Key Alert

It all begins here. I will be watching this video every morning while I eat breakfast, until I embody the ideas of the master, DJ Khaled, at a core level. That’s it. No need to put a dildo on your head or find an empty football field you can walk around on, though those plans probably work too. Just watch Khaled, and remember, when you get blown out of that set, it’s time for anotha one. When you number close, anotha one. When you doin push ups and what not so you can get shredded, anotha one. Let’s get it. He changed, A LOT. We can too.


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